Similan National Park Entrance Fee Increases to 500,- THB on February 1st 2015

500 thbFrom Febraury the 1st, 2015 the Similan Entry Fee will increase from now 400,- Thai Baht to then 500,- Thai Baht. This park fee rise was planned long ago and in November 2014 already installed for a very short period of time.

At that point many Similan tour companies complained about the short notice of the park fee increase as contacts and customer payments have already been done at a large scale. Under the pressure of the entire Thai Tourism Industry, the Park Authorities then postponed their measures for another year. The date of the 1st February 2015 was announced early enough to allow for every travel agency and tour operator to plan ahead accordingly.

So for every Tourist who has booked a tour in advance, nothing should change as the tour operators who include park fees in their standard prices had plenty of time to adjust their selling prices and the increased park fees should be included. Guests of longer tours as most scuba diving liveaboards are used to pay their park fees in cash at arrival on the boat anyway. For guests on usual 4day/4 night tours the park fee increases in total of 200 Thai Baht as there are usually two seperate National Parks included in the tour.

One-Time Entry Fee and Daily Diving Fees

Important to notice is that the Similan National Park entry fee does not expire during one season. Once entered and paid the entry fee, visitors can stay as long as they like. Only if leaving the park boundaries and returning the entrance fees has to be paid anew. For scuba diving an additional fee of 200,- THB per day is charged. The daily diving fee of 200,- Thai Baht per person is not affected by this, the increase affects only the entry fee.

Example Calculations for Multi-Day Excursions to the Similans:

Total fees on a 3 day snorkeling liveaboard incl. Surin Islands:

Entry Fee Similans: 500,- THB
Entry Fee Surins: 500,- THB
Total: 1.000,- Thai Baht

Total fees on a 3 day scuba diving liveaboard (Similans only):

Entry Fee Similans: 500,- Thai Baht
3 * 200,- THB daily diving fee = 600,- THB
Total: 1.100,- Thai Baht

Total fees on a 4 day scuba diving liveaboard (incl Richelieu Rock):

Entry Fee Similans: 500,- THB
Entry Fee Surins: 500,- THB
4 * 200,- THB daily diving fee = 800,- THB
Total: 1.800,- Thai Baht

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