Koh Miang / Island #4

Koh Miang - Princess BeachKoh Miang (Island #4) is the center of the Similan Islands. Many Park facilities are located here and together with Islands #5 & #6 it forms the Hideaway Bay which is a very comfortable anchoring place for liveaboards.

Koh Miang (Thai: เกาะเมียง) or „Island Four“ (Ko Sii, เกาะสี่) is another important island, housing the National Park headquarters, a souvenir shop, a restaurant, a good amount of tents and bungalows as well as two beaches accessible for visitors.

Hideaway Bay
Hideaway Bay
Together with Islands five and six (Ko Haa – Thai: เกาะห้า) it forms a huge bay called Hideaway Bay, which is protected from three directions making it the safest anchor place in the entire National Park and the only safe haven in case of major storms or high waves. A Royal Thai Navy outpost can be found on the southern Honeymoon Beach which also functions as the local coast guard, medical rescue and first aid centre.

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