The Similans are now closed and will open again 15th October 2016

similan weather june 2015

As every year the Similan Islands close at 15th May due to unsafe weather and sea conditions and this year is no exception. The National Park will open on 15th October 2016. All tour operators stopped their boats for maintenance, accessing the park is now illegal and punishable by law. ...

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Parts of Similans closed due to Royal Visit between 23rd and 30th December 2015

royal thai navy at similans

Every year around end of December / beginning of January members of the Thai Royal Family pay a visit to the Similan Islands. During the royal visit parts of the islands are closed for the public for security reasons. The Royal Thai Navy is already present with one warship and ...

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Calm And Friendly with Light Rain Showers

Hideaweay Bay Sunset

As usual for middle of October, the weather situation around the Similans is calm and friendly to welcome the new travel season. Water temperature is constant at 29°C (84°F). Max air temperatures rise up to 32° during early afternoon and fall to 28° at night. Widespread high clouds cover the ...

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The Similan Islands are now open and will close on 15th May 2016

Similan Islands re open

Today the Similan Islands National Park re-opened its gates for visitors until 15th May 2016. The first daytours have departed this morning to the Similans and later this evening the first scuba diving liveaboards will depart to the Similan Archipelago. Most other operators will assume operations beginning of next week ...

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New Rules & Regulations for 2015/16 Travel Season

Similan rules Oct 2015

On 6th of October the Similan National Park Head Office in Thap Lamu has announced the new rules & operating regulations for the upcoming 2015/17 season. Also new strict operating and monitoring regulations for Similan tour operators have been introduced by the Park Authorities. The main beaches are beeing divided ...

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Elephant Head Rock

Elephant Head Rock and Rainbow

Elephant Head Rock is a rock formation that breaks the water surface, half a mile south of Koh Similan. The main features are several spectacular granite boulders which brake the surface. Under water the scene is even more dramatic as next to the bif main rocks several other boulders are ...

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DNP To Tackle Park Fee Payment Situation

Visitor Center on Koh Miang

In the past the tour operators were responsible for the park fee payment of their guests. Up to now it is the responsibilty of the tour operator to collect the park fees from the tourists and pay them to the rangers on the islands once the boat arrives. This arrangement ...

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Koh Bon

Koh Bon

Koh Bon is a solitary limestone island 12 miles north-northeast of Koh Similan. Unlike the Similan Islands, Koh Bon is made of limestone and has a completely different geological past. Due to this fact, the marine lifes there thrives in a different way compared to the other islands. The limestone ...

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Koh Miang / Island #4

Koh Miang - Princess Beach

Koh Miang (Island #4) is the center of the Similan Islands. Many Park facilities are located here and together with Islands #5 & #6 it forms the Hideaway Bay which is a very comfortable anchoring place for liveaboards. Koh Miang (Thai: เกาะเมียง) or „Island Four“ (Ko Sii, เกาะสี่) is another ...

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Koh Similan / Island #8

Koh Similan Titel

  (Thai: เกาะสิมิลัน) is the biggest of the islands, which is often referred to as Ko Paed (เกาะแปด) meaning “island eight”. Ko Similan covers an area of 5 square kilometres, it has the highest mountain, several beautiful bays and beaches and is roughly 5 kilometres long and 1.7 km wide. ...

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