Parts of Similans closed due to Royal Visit between 23rd and 30th December 2015

royal thai navy at similans
Every year around end of December / beginning of January members of the Thai Royal Family pay a visit to the Similan Islands. During the royal visit parts of the islands are closed for the public for security reasons. The Royal Thai Navy is already present with one warship and several frigates to secure the area. The Park Authorities informed all Similan Tour Operators as of December 18th about the closing dates of certain areas as follows:

23rd December to 30th December: Koh Miang (Island #4) closed for visit and surrounding area closed for diving and snorkeling

27th December: Koh Tachai completely closed for the public.

28th December: Koh Bon and Island #9 completely closed for the public.

Visitors and tour operators have to keep in mind that during the stay of the Royal Highnesses certain areas can be closed as well on short notice, enforced by the Royal Thai Navy.

Our advice is to stay clear of the Similans alltogether in the week of the 23rd to 30th December as there will be very little room left for the usually high amount of tourists during this period